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A Dozen Reasons to Support the REALTORS® PAC (RPAC)

  1. Have you sold a home where the buyer gets a 30-year mortgage loan?

REALTORS® oppose proposals in Congress that would prevent most home buyers from getting 30-year, fixed rate mortgages. RPAC helps fight for YOU and your customers to preserve mortgage affordability!

  1. Have you sold a home where the buyer puts less than 20% down?

REALTORS® successfully opposed a proposal to impose a minimum 20% down payment requirement on all mortgage loans. RPAC helps fight for flexible down payment requirements for your customers.

  1. Have you ever sold a home when the buyer used USDA financing?

REALTORS® led the way in preserving this 100% financing program for your customers in Gardner and many other Kansas communities.

  1. Have you ever sold a home in a flood plain?

RPAC continues to help REALTORS® fight for lower flood insurance premiums and costs for your customers when they purchase a home located in the flood plain.

  1. Have you ever accepted or paid a referral fee to another REALTOR®?

RPAC helped REALTORS® oppose a ridiculous proposal in the Kansas Legislature that would have prohibited REALTORS® from exchanging referral fees with other REALTORS®.

  1. Would you be opposed to paying a 7% to 10% sales tax on your real estate commissions?

REALTORS® continue to successfully oppose proposals that would impose a sales tax on your real estate commissions. RPAC will continue to fight this battle for YOU!

  1. Do you want to protect your clients from paying capital gains taxes on all home sales?

RPAC fights to protect your customers from paying burdensome capital gains taxes on their home sales. Imposing capital gains taxes on home sales would harm your customers.

  1. Have you ever had a client who was forced to sell their home through a short sale?

RPAC helps REALTORS® continue to fight to ensure that sellers are not forced to pay income taxes on “phantom” income when they are forced to sell their home through a short sale.

  1. Are you opposed to requiring your clients to pay for a radon test, even if they do not want one?

RPAC has helped REALTORS® continually defeat mandates that would require a radon gas test in every real estate transaction. RPAC will help continue to ensure that your customers have the freedom to choose whether to pay for a radon gas test.

  1. Have you or your clients ever claimed the mortgage interest deduction?

REALTORS® will continue to fight to ensure that home owners can claim the mortgage interest and property tax deductions at the state and federal level. The elimination of these two important tax breaks would increase the tax burden on home owners.

  1. Do you support Kansans having the right to vote on property tax increases?

RPAC helped REALTORS® successfully pass legislation that would require a public vote on property tax increases that exceed the rate of inflation.

  1. Do you think that challenging appraisals should be a fair process?

RPAC helped REALTORS® pass comprehensive, common-sense property tax reforms that would bring fairness and accountability to the appeals process in Kansas, reducing the burden on Kansas property taxpayers.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then RPAC has had a significant impact on your business. Invest in YOUR business today and protect your bottom line!

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