Homesnap: Working with Buyers

Date: August 3, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 10:30 am

The webinar will cover how to teach your buyers to engage with homesnap. This includes the following:

*Invite - branding and client collaboration
*Finding nearby properties
*Searching using filters
*Sharing properties
*School information
*Commute Time
*Property lines

Before attending the training, we recommend that you download the Homesnap app on your phone and ensure that you are signed in so that you can follow along as the presenter navigates through the app. This is a mobile app. You can download the "Homesnap" app from the Google Play Store (Android Phone) or the Apple Store (Iphone). From there, tap "I'm a Real Estate Agent." It will prompt you to select your MLS/Association name. From there, search your name or email and follow the prompts to login.

Once signed in, please ensure that you are seeing all FIVE tabs (NEWS, MESSAGES, HOMES, PRO AGENTS, ME), at the bottom of your app. If you do not see the tabs at the bottom you can call our support team at the contact information below.

[email protected]